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  • This is a case of 360 catapult kits. Kits are packaged in color printed boxes with 30 kits per box (12 boxes per case)
  • Catapults are a classic STEM project for a reason - they offer kids and students a fun opportunity to learn about science and engineering concepts like potential & kinetic energy, trajectory, levers, and more!
  • Open-ended experimentation - There's no "best" design! Change the position of the fulcrum to change the launch trajectroy
  • Clear and colorful instructions - Comes with full color photo step-by-step instructions
  • This kit was created by professional hands-on educators. Designed for classrooms, after school enrichment, summer camps, libraries, and hero parents who value DIY STEM education!

Craft Stick Catapults Kit - Supplies for 360 kids

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