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  • Enough supplies for 360 pairs of large wheels with rubber bands!
  • Packed into bags of 20 wheels, 20 rubber bands, 10 dowels (36 bags per case)
  • Ideal for science and engineering projects! These wheels are designed to make your rubber band-powered vehicles and mousetrap cars perform the way you expect
  • Extra materials included! Each order comes with rubber bands to add traction and 1/4" dowels
  • Easy to work with! If you've built a car project with CDs for wheels, you know what a hassle that is. These wheels fit snugly onto sturdy wooden dowels - easy for kids to use!
  • Wheels measure 4.75" in diameter and 1/4" wide tread. Axel hole inner diameter is 1/4". The dowels are 1/4x6". The rubber bands are 1/8x3.5".
  • Made of sturdy, safe, reusable, and recyclable (#5) polypropylene plastic.

Large Plastic Project Wheels - 720 Wheels, 720 Rubber Bands, 360 Dowels

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