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  • This is a case of 540 helicopter kits. Kits are packaged into boxes with 10 sets of materials per box (54 boxes per case)
  • Every case comes with 540 plastic propellers (5.75" long), 540 rubber band hooks, 540 pieces of card stock, 648 craft sticks, 756 rubber bands, and 2,268 adhesive squares
  • The rubber band helicopters offers kids and students a fun opportunity to learn about science and engineering concepts like lift, drag, propulsion, potential & kinetic energy, and more!
  • There's no single correct answer! Experiment with different shapes and sizes of paper cutouts to discover a design that works great. Or use the supplied template to create a helicopter-shaped flyer that'll be sure to work
  • Comes with brightly illustrated step-by-step instructions, complete with an explanation for how it works, troubleshooting support, tips for teachers, and more!
  • This kit was created by professional hands-on educators. Designed for classrooms, after school enrichment, summer camps, libraries, and hero parents who value DIY STEM education!

Rubber Band Helicopter Kit - Supplies for 540 kids

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