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Mini Projects

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Project Snapshot

You never know when a project might finish early and you need to fill 10-15 minutes of extra time!

These mini projects are quick to explain, require only a few materials, and are guaranteed to prevent any group of kids from getting bored.

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Tools and Materials

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Tips and Troubleshooting

If the tops aren't spinning, then...

  • Make sure to use a small piece of tape to connect the wheel to the dowel.

  • Try spinning the top by pinching the dowel between your fingers, and releasing it with a snapping action.

If the straw glider isn't flying, then...

  • Try creating a 3" diameter loop for the front, and a 4" diameter loop in the back.

  • Try adding a small amount of weight - like a piece of a hot glue stick - to the front of the glider.

If the paper plane isn't flying, then...

  • Make sure to slightly curl the back edges of the wings upward. This process - known as "trimming" greatly increases how much lift the wings generate.

  • Make sure the stabilizers are creased straight and angled upward at a 90-degree angle.

  • Make sure to throw hard. Try throwing straight upward!

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