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Rubber Band Helicopter

Powered by rubber bands, this helicopter is easy to build and can fly straight up over 20ft.

Suggested ages: 7+

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Propeller Powered Car

This rubber band-powered propeller car design is optimized for speed and distance.

Suggested ages: 9+

Rubber Band Car

A high-performing rubber band-powered car design. Big wheels provide traction and distance.

Suggested ages: 9+

Triangle Truss Bridge

Stronger than a square-shaped bridge, this truss bridge design will hold extremely heavy loads.

Suggested ages: 9+

Slingshot Car

Simple to build with a big payoff, the slingshot car zips across the floor surprisingly fast.

Suggested ages: 7+

Easy Hydraulic Machine

Build a simply hydraulic mechanism, then customize its function however you'd like.

Suggested ages: 9+

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