Truss Bridge

Project Snapshot

The ultimate project to illustrate the power of triangles! The challenge is to build a bridge that can hold the most weight and is at least 3 craft sticks long.


The truss bridge is comprised of repeating triangles, and the shape of the bridge itself forms a triangular prism, resulting in an ultra-strong structure.

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Tools and Materials

Tips and Troubleshooting

If the bridge is breaking before holding 20lbs, then...

  • Emphasize good gluing techniques. How the bridge is built is just as important as the truss pattern.

  • Overlap weak areas with more craft sticks.

  • Add more trusses.

  • Make sure the rope is being woven through the bridge so it hangs from 4 points. Hanging the rope from just 2 points will only test the strength of the craft sticks.

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