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Rubber Band Car

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Project Snapshot

Finally, a rubber band-powered car that works the way you expect: fast, far-traveling, and fun!

Modify the design to make it race to the finish line, or add extra weight to increase its momentum and overall travel distance!

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Tools and Materials

The Engineering Creation Kit has everything you need for this project and many more from STEM Inventions, or get the supplies in bulk:

Tips and Troubleshooting

If the car isn't going very far, then...

  • Try winding up the rubber bands more.

  • Check for excessive friction, such as hot glue inside the straws, the wheels rubbing against the frame or straws, etc.

  • There might be too much weight. If you added extra weight, try removing some.

If the car isn't rolling in a straight line, then...

  • The wheels aren’t aligned. Remove and reattach the wheels to make the axels parallel with each other.

  • Try releasing the car with the drive wheels in front.

If the drive wheels are spinning in place before the car starts moving, then...

  • Make sure the drive wheels have rubber bands on them.

  • The rubber band might be wound up too tight. Try winding the rubber band around the drive wheels less.

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