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Marble Roller Coaster

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Project Snapshot

A student favorite! The marble roller coaster is an open-ended challenge: create the longest track possible without letting the marble fall off.

Ideal for rapid redesigning and exploring the conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy, and momentum!

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Tools and Materials

Note: This project is not part of the Engineering Creation Kit.

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Tips and Troubleshooting

If the marbles are flying off of hills or bumps in the track, then...

  • Try making the hill larger so the marble expends more momentum before reaching the top, thus preventing it from flying off.

  • Remove the bump/hill, or transform it into a loop.

If the marbles are flying off curves in the track, then...

  • Turn the curved section of track on its side.

If the marbles are falling out of loops, then...

  • Make sure it has enough energy to move through the loop.

  • Make sure the loop is free of excess tape or small obstacles that might collide with the marble.

  • The loop may be too big. Even if the marble appears to have sufficient energy, very large loops (10"+ in diameter) are not sturdy enough. The marble's energy will be expended by pushing the loop around. Try making the loop smaller.

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