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Project Snapshot

Easy and inexpensive to create, the straw rocket can be launched well over 50'!

Modify the weight at the tip of the rocket and the shape & size of the fins to create the farthest-flinging flyer! A great lesson in momentum, drag, and stability.

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Tools and Materials

The Engineering Creation Kit has everything you need for this project and many more from STEM Inventions, or get the supplies in bulk:

Tips and Troubleshooting

If the rocket is colliding with the stick, then...

  • Make sure to follow the launch technique that's shown in the video: hold the stick upright, and allow it to flick forward upon release.

  • The fins may be too large, or attached at a very crooked angle. Redesign the shape, size, or position.

  • You might be using a short rubber band. Longer rubber bands help avoid this collision.

If the rocket is not flying very far, then...

  • Stretch out the rubber band more before launching it.

  • Aim upward at a 45-degree angle before launching.

  • Make sure to follow the launch technique that's shown in the video.

If the rocket is not flying straight, then...

  • The fins are probably attached at a crooked angle. Remove them, and carefully reattach them so they are as perfectly straight as possible.

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