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  • This is a bulk case of 20 kits. Each kit is packaged in its own individual color-printed box
  • Ignite the Inventor Within - Designed to help kids ages 8 and up practice being inventors, engineers, and innovators with fun and challenging project ideas
  • 10 Fun and Exciting Challenges - Get inspired with open-ended design challenges to build cars, walking machines, robots, and more. No wrong answers and no tedious step-by-step instructions!
  • Foster 21st Century Skills - Use critical thinking, creative problem solving, and determination to achieve the challenges in any way you want
  • Real Cool Materials - Laser cut wood pieces, safety-plug electronics, and real metal hardware make it fun to create new inventions and easily take them apart
  • STEM Learning - Get hands on with science, tech, engineering, and applied math using circuitry, pneumatics, machine screws, motors, and more!

Inventor's Kit - STEM Challenges that Inspire Innovative Thinking - 20 Kits

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