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Over 25 succinct lesson plans to help facilitate STEM projects with groups of kids.

Includes 2-page lesson summaries and 1-page project sheets for each STEM Inventions idea.

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Step-by-step guidance to applying the scientific method to a handful of our favorite project ideas. Experiment, collect data, and draw well-documented conclusions.

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The Zoom Fly Bolt Blast

STEAM Handbook

The Zoom, Fly, Bolt, Blast STEAM Handbook gives parents and kids ages 6 to 10 a selection of 18 engaging projects to build together. And when they're finished, they'll have personalized creations that fly, race, and blast off! Make an automaton, a pneumatic machine, a suspension bridge, a crash-test car, an actual vacuum cleaner, and a dozen more ingenious, kid-tested projects.

This project book is the latest title by site contributor Lance Akiyama, and was made in collaboration with Galileo Learning.

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