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Shop in bulk from us and save 20-60%

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  • This is a case of 16 Creation Kits
  • Build up to 10 projects per kit out of 25 to choose from. 1 hot glue gun and 1 roll of masking tape per kit included!
  • High-res video instructions - It's the 21st century, so all project plans are shown in snappy videos on, or view step-by-step picture instructions on digital slideshows.

  • Tried and kid-tested - The STEM Inventions collection of 25 projects was developed, taught, and fine-tuned with real kids over several years by project-based educators
  • Invent, test, and redesign - Strengthen creative problem solving and troubleshooting skills while testing and customizing your creations
  • Real STEM concepts - Each video explains the main science and engineering principles that are behind the project

Ultimate STEM Inventions Creation Kit - 16 boxes

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