Tornado Tower

Project Snapshot

Inspired by the Tornado Outbreak of 2013, this project is an open ended challenge: Create a tower that's at least 3 craft sticks tall, strong enough to hold up 5lbs, and stable enough to not fall over when buffeted with gusts of wind!

There are no step-by-step instructions for this project; it's a totally open-ended challenge!

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Tools and Materials


  • 5lbs+ of weight

  • A large, flat object to create gusts of wind

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In progress

Tips and Troubleshooting

If the towers are breaking before holding 5lbs of weight, then...

  • Make sure to emphasize strong hot glue gun techniques, and using triangles in the design of the structure.

If the towers falling over easily, then...

  • Emphasize building a wide base.

If it's difficult to create a large gust of wind, then...

  • Review the video: Find a very large, flat object, and use both hands to swing the lid quickly in front of the tower.

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